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San Jose, CA

Experiential Design

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Brain-to-Bug Interface

Experiential Design

Experiential Design



Science Aglow Exhibit


GOAL > Create impactful new "Science Aglow" exhibit for K-12 audiences. Featuring over 20 high-touch interactive learning stations all about the electromagnetic spectrum, with an emphasis on visible light and its interactions with mirrors, motion, and time.


ROLE > Lead Designer-Developer, Fabricator, and Project Manager

  • Research and propose new exhibit to science center leadership. 

  • Propose and manage comprehensive budget and timeline packages.

  • Manage third party vendor contracts and deliverables.

  • Facilitate cross-functional collaboration to ensure all stakeholders are satisfied throughout exhibit design, development, and installation.

  • Align exhibit features with NGSS standards.

  • Recruit and train volunteers, interns, and staff to support construction and installation.

TECH > Adobe Creative Suite, Solidworks, Arduino, Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing, Laser Cutting, CNC), Wood, Metal, Plastic Fabrication

Click to view Science Aglow exhibit website


Mobile App


GOAL > Create a high fidelity prototype for a peer-to-peer boat slip rental app. I managed this project from concept to creation. I worked with the startup client to mind map a user journey, from there I hit the ground running to bring their mobile app vision to life. Final results include a high fidelity prototype they could demo live, and a promotional video to share during investor and stakeholder meetings.

ROLE > Lead Designer

TECH > Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Premiere, and After Effects.

Pierup Mobile App


Arcade Cabinet & Video Game


GOAL > Create an interactive arcade cabinet featuring a playable 3D simulation of the Hampton Court Maze (the first maze used in psychology research with rats by Willard Stanton Small). The title Lab Star is an anagram for Lab Rats. The control panel includes a vintage rotary phone dial as a homage to the 1980s phone line for transgenic lab rats (1-800-LAB-RATS), a traditional arcade joystick, and a trackball. The game itself is a Processing app running on a Raspberry Pi computer. Dimensions: 10’ x 34” x 38”

ROLE > Designer-Developer and Fabricator

TECH > Adobe Creative Suite, Processing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Rapid Prototyping (Laser Cutter), Fabrication

Lab Star




GOAL > Engage students in encounters with objects and others to learn the fundamentals of interaction within the context of art. Students investigate the way we relate to objects and people through physical engagement and group dynamics through the creation of a mobile art pop up show, staged in the back of a rented Uhaul. Students recreate the Uhaul aesthetic for a gallery installation view of the same show and compare how the relationships between body, space and architecture define and challenge the way audiences approach the work.

ROLE > Instructor of Record for "Interaction as Art" at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). The course explores interaction and interactivity through a series of media non-specific explorations.


Brain-to-Computer UI/UX


GOAL > Research open source brain-to-computer hardware and implement for novel interfaces in immersive settings (such as an art gallery or museum) where the audience's brainwaves can manipulate objects and/or the environment.

  • Biofeedback Cinema connects a participant's brain to a camera via an open source brain-computer-interface (BCI). Created in collaboration at Medialab Matadero Madrid. Make your own with my step-by-step Instructables tutorial.

  • Entanglement Is a Virtue (pictured) is an immersive experience that compares a participant's brainwaves to the electrophysiology of a living moth pupa. During the experience, the human participant listens to a story about intentional entanglement in the quantum field. WOSU Public Media coverage linked here (video directed by Andrew Ina).

ROLE > Lead Researcher and Developer

TECH > Processing, Python, Arduino, Open BCI, Raspberry Pi

AWARDS > Coca-Cola Critical Difference for Women Award, John Fergus Family Fund Award, MediaLab-Prado Interactivos?14 Finalist, The Laboratory New Media Artist Residency, Featured on WOSU Public Media Broad & High

Brain to Computer Interface


Touch Free Hall Pass Printer


GOAL > Transform an otherwise mundane classroom interaction into a magical experience that promotes student engagement and social emotional wellness. Introducing “Disco Pass 3000”, a functional hall pass printer, disco party, and affirmation machine all-in-one. Simply scan your teacher’s QR code to receive a one-time-use, time-stamped hall pass you can carry to the loo. Click to learn more and watch a video demo.

ROLE > Developer

TECH > Python, M5Stickv, Mini Thermal Printer, Disco Ball Flashlight, Custom Coded Arduino Circuits, Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing)

Disco Pass 3000
Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 8.29.36 PM.png

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality


Unity App Development


GOAL > Lead students with little to no coding experience through the process of developing a web based unity application of their own design. Students learn to build virtual worlds, gain an introduction to asset creation and become familiar with the tool sets and workflows needed to make immersive experiences.

ROLE > Instructor of record and technology mentor for creative coding and virtual reality development courses at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Worked with students to design and develop virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, animations, and Unity game applications. Student work samples shared below (videos only visible when viewing on a desktop).

TECH > Unity, C#, VRTK, Vuforia, WebGL, Blender, Oculus, HTC Vive

Virtual Reality Lab at MICA